These are 5 Special Japanese Travel Destinations for Culinary Lovers

Cultural and technological tourism in Japan is very attractive, as for culinary tourism is no less tempting. Japan has several tourist destinations that are ready to spoil the tongue.

Japan has several interesting culinary tourism destinations. Not only can you spoil your taste, but this tourist destination can also increase knowledge about Japanese specialties. Are you excited? You can start to work harder and get a ticket trip to Japan, and of course get more free vouchers to try Japanese meals, only if you really focus on your work!

1. Konnyaku Park

The first culinary attractions are located in Gunma Prefecture. Konnyaku Park presents knowledge about konnyaku, a chewy food made from konnyaku tubers known as konjac. This food is widely consumed in Japan, especially as a source of carbohydrates for people undergoing a diet program.

At Konnyaku Park, visitors can find out how these tubers are cultivated to Konnyaku processing. Visitors can, of course, also taste various processed konnyaku creations that are served buffet.

2. Mentai Park

Major Mentaiko, a Kanefuku-producing company that manage Mentai Park. This food company intentionally made Mentai Park as a place for many people to learn how to make mentaiko.

In this park, visitors can walk around trying various facilities in this park. Hopefully, people will be able to understand better how the processing of mentaiko, aka fish eggs. In Japan, mentaiko is very popular as a mixture of various foods. This park is located in Ibaraki, Aichi, Kobe, and several other cities in Japan.

3. Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho

Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho is located within the Tempozan Market shopping center. This is an amusement park containing a variety of foods where visitors can find favorite local foods.

This culinary location also presents a classic Japanese atmosphere of the 1960s. This restaurant is also known as the “city of eating until you drop.” There are at least 20 places to eat, ranging from takoyaki, okonomiyaki to various dense foods such as ramen.

4. New Ginger Museum

The Ginger Museum is located in Tochigi Prefecture. Here is a lot of complete information about Iwashi Ginger, pinkish Japanese ginger. Besides being able to peek at the various processes of making a ginger, here also you can taste various processed foods and ginger drinks.

Uniquely, while visitors can taste ginger ice cream to ginger beer, children’s area is also available with a variety of pink ginger-shaped playgrounds.

5. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

The first debut of cup ramen in Japan began in 1958. This museum is present as a vehicle to explain the various ins and outs of all types of ramen noodles. Here nine noodle restaurants present a variety of delicious Japanese noodles.

Not only noodles that are processed directly, but modern cup noodles can also be made according to taste at the Museum of Noodle Cup. Here visitors can make noodles with topping concoctions that can be created by themselves.

Food Places in Genting Highlands Casino Resort

Have you ever thought about going on a trip to the “neighbor country”?

Just recreation, treatment, and other things you can try here. Then, stop by where are you when you want to take shelter or rest with a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable, classy, ​​available games even there is also a delicious food menu? Where try it ???

Genting Highlands Casino & Resort will definitely cross your mind. Hmmm, of course! The place which was established by Genting Group since 1965 is known as Resort World Genting is a resort as well as a casino house located on a mountain hill that has a height of 1,740 meters, namely Titiwangsa near the border of Pahang and Selangor, Malaysia.

Genting Highlands Casino & Resort, however you like to say, is a very suitable location for you to visit when you want to travel in the “neighbor country.” Spend time playing, having fun, and just having fun with family members or alone. This is also one of the inns that has the best and most capable facilities in the Southeast Asian region. Spas, golf courses, skyways, swimming pools, jungle trekking, etc. are only a small form of the facility here.

You can also eat food when you feel hungry by choosing Places and Menus while relaxing from the fatigue of the activities that you have done. If you ask “Where is the place and what menus are available,” the answer is a lot to explain but at least as stated below:


The first place and menu at the Genting Highlands Casino Resort is Motorino. This is one place that is very famous for the type of Neapolitan Pizza, which is a typical Italian food made using ingredients such as flour dough, San Marzona tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and sauce then baked on hot coals with a heat level of around 800-900º Fahrenheit. It feels soft, chewy, and delicious when eaten because the use of wheat flour is pure without additives.

It is right for you to consume while in Motorino while sitting relaxed (jokingly) with your family or enjoying free wi-fi watching football matches and other matches. Not only that, the types of food available here, but there are many more (you can ask yourself).


Ming Ren is a restaurant that is also located in Genting Highlands Casino Resort, Malaysia. By applying the main ingredients of food made from beef and some traditional Chinese spices, any dish that has been prepared by the professional chef of the restaurant Ming Ren is right for you to eat when you sit here. There are also other separate menus available, namely Lamb Steamboat with Lamb Skewers, Spicy Stock, Deep-fried Prawns with Wasabi Sauce, Catch the Lamb, Roasted Lamb Ribs, Stir-fried Potatoes with Vinegar, Braised Lamb with Radish, Stir-fried Battered Brinjal with Garlic, Stir-fried Sliced ​​Lamb with Potatoes & Curry Sauce, Roasted Lamb Leg, Stir-fried Lamb with ‘Zi Ran’, Lamb Claypot, Stir-fried Marinated Chicken with Chilean Dried, Mint Almond Bean Curd Jelly, and Special Almonds & Pistachios Ice Cream that you can enjoy for sure here.


For those of you coffee connoisseurs, Cafe Richard is a place worth visiting. This is located on the ground floor of Genting Highlands Casino & Resort, where you will see the architecture of the room, which is designed in such a way as French art. A wide selection of French chef-style dining menus is also available here, which will undoubtedly tempt your appetite.

Well, for those of you who wish to take a couple’s vacation out of the country at the same time to date, this place is suitable. Do you know yourself that France is a romantic country, right? Hmm, it could be when you both visited Richard’s Cafe, Malaysia, it feels like in France!


Are you looking for a pastry shop, bakery or other food menus when stopping in the “Land of neighbors”? Well, I recommend you to stop by at Genting Highlands Casino Resort to be exact, there is a restaurant called The Bakery, as the nickname suggests, this is a bakery that also provides a variety of foods that will arouse your appetite.

The Bakery is not only popular with its bread, but Genting Chicken Pie is a type of food menu that is also famous for being enjoyed by a handful of people when presenting here. By mixing a cool atmosphere while enjoying a cup of warm Colombian-style coffee, time to eat, and relax, you will be guaranteed satisfaction.