These are 5 Special Japanese Travel Destinations for Culinary Lovers

Cultural and technological tourism in Japan is very attractive, as for culinary tourism is no less tempting. Japan has several tourist destinations that are ready to spoil the tongue.

Japan has several interesting culinary tourism destinations. Not only can you spoil your taste, but this tourist destination can also increase knowledge about Japanese specialties. Are you excited? You can start to work harder and get a ticket trip to Japan, and of course get more free vouchers to try Japanese meals, only if you really focus on your work!

1. Konnyaku Park

The first culinary attractions are located in Gunma Prefecture. Konnyaku Park presents knowledge about konnyaku, a chewy food made from konnyaku tubers known as konjac. This food is widely consumed in Japan, especially as a source of carbohydrates for people undergoing a diet program.

At Konnyaku Park, visitors can find out how these tubers are cultivated to Konnyaku processing. Visitors can, of course, also taste various processed konnyaku creations that are served buffet.

2. Mentai Park

Major Mentaiko, a Kanefuku-producing company that manage Mentai Park. This food company intentionally made Mentai Park as a place for many people to learn how to make mentaiko.

In this park, visitors can walk around trying various facilities in this park. Hopefully, people will be able to understand better how the processing of mentaiko, aka fish eggs. In Japan, mentaiko is very popular as a mixture of various foods. This park is located in Ibaraki, Aichi, Kobe, and several other cities in Japan.

3. Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho

Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho is located within the Tempozan Market shopping center. This is an amusement park containing a variety of foods where visitors can find favorite local foods.

This culinary location also presents a classic Japanese atmosphere of the 1960s. This restaurant is also known as the “city of eating until you drop.” There are at least 20 places to eat, ranging from takoyaki, okonomiyaki to various dense foods such as ramen.

4. New Ginger Museum

The Ginger Museum is located in Tochigi Prefecture. Here is a lot of complete information about Iwashi Ginger, pinkish Japanese ginger. Besides being able to peek at the various processes of making a ginger, here also you can taste various processed foods and ginger drinks.

Uniquely, while visitors can taste ginger ice cream to ginger beer, children’s area is also available with a variety of pink ginger-shaped playgrounds.

5. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

The first debut of cup ramen in Japan began in 1958. This museum is present as a vehicle to explain the various ins and outs of all types of ramen noodles. Here nine noodle restaurants present a variety of delicious Japanese noodles.

Not only noodles that are processed directly, but modern cup noodles can also be made according to taste at the Museum of Noodle Cup. Here visitors can make noodles with topping concoctions that can be created by themselves.