Typical American Foods that Are Very Popular With Enthusiasts

Special food is one of the containers that can make the country popular, of course, from the quality and taste of the special food itself.

In so many regions there is sure to have a tasty special diet, and for sure all culinary lovers in all the world are most interested in trying it out.

The United States also seems to have so many kinds of unique and delicious food. Even the sale of indigenous foods from the United States to different countries, including Indonesia.

In a typical culinary, Uncle Sam’s country is very easy for you to meet in many Indonesian restaurants, which are the most popular culinary. Food that has the taste of the United States of America is marketed far more expensive than typical foods of the motherland itself.

Some typical foods of the United States, of course, are already very familiar with us. The reason is in Indonesia itself has begun to be crowded with food that tastes of the United States. Therefore, please listen to the writings of the most global United States food menu.

Very typical United States special food menu

French Fries

The next typical American food is French Fries. This food is included as a typical snack of the United States and is one of the popular snacks both in their own country or in the whole world.

This one snack of the United States of America is one of the fast foods that are not in little demand by all foodies in the world. This food is the most worldwide and has not a few fans because the taste of French Fries themselves is the most savory and delicious.

This French Fries is a light food created from crispy fried potatoes. Usually, the United States food is used as a complementary food, both for dense food and snacks.

In times of leisure, among the food that became a colleague gathered together by the people of the United States is French Fries or you are usually familiar with typical French fries produced from the land of Uncle Sam.


The next typical American snack is a food that has a pretty unique name that is Taco. In many restaurants, there are often many variations on the menu called Taco.

This Taco is a unique food. The uniqueness of this typical American food lies in its presentation technique, which is arranged like a shell. It turns out that this Taco is a traditional food that originated in the State of Mexico.

The basic ingredients for creating tacos are wheat tortillas, vegetables, and don’t forget to add meat. For those of you who are the most curious about this food, please try one of the typical foods that come from Uncle Sam’s country, friends.

Grilled Chicken

Typical food of the United States that is no less tasty with food before is Grilled Chicken. This cuisine is one of the fast-food menus that can be used as a food of choice when your stomach begins to beg for food.

Typical food made from Chicken cooked with baked techniques is the most famous food in the United States. No wonder if this food has not a few fans.

Surely there is a distinct impression when you can taste the typical food of this Uncle Sam’s country. What’s more, if you are currently in the United States then you try this Chicken Grilled directly at the location where the food came from, surely you will enjoy the most different sensations.

This Grilled Chicken can be served with bread, salad, sandwich, french fries, rice, and still not a few more foods that can be paired with this Grilled Chicken which will undoubtedly satisfy your hungry stomach.


Typical food abdominal booster is not uncommon called Burrito by people in the United States. This Burrito is not a native food from the United States.

This Burrito is one of the most popular foods in the United States, but who would have thought if the Burrito came from Mexico. So this Burrito has a look that is not far from Taco. That is because these two foods are both created from tortillas, which are then wrapped.

What separates the Burrito from the tacos is on the bean and rice packaging. Are you curious? If you are interested, please eat the most delicious food which has the name of this Burrito.