Terms of Usage:

For Linkware Graphics

1.ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT link directly to my graphics. You must download all backgrounds and images to your own server.

2. You have my permission to use only the backgrounds should you prefer to make your own buttons.

3. My graphics may be used ONLY for personal, non-profit, family type sites.

4. Do not include them in any other graphics collection.

5. Do not take credit for them.

6. I would appreciate a link back to my site by using one of my logos, or a text hyperlink on the same pages where the graphics are being used.

7. Do not alter my background, buttons or header graphics in any way. You may of course add any text you wish to the blank buttons.

8. If you use my graphic on your site, please send me URL, so that I may visit you.

For Exclusive Usage, Commercial Sites or Custom Background, etc.

Due to the increased number of requests I have had I am now offering the following service.

Commercial usage of existing background sets, including a license fee is:
With a link back to Dotty's Graphics $15 US funds
Without a link back $40 US funds

Exclusive web sets using pre-exisiting sets.
I will enhance the set by adding text to buttons and customized heading. The set will then be removed from my site. Price with link is $15.00 and without is $40.00.

Customized web set from scratch
Based on your needs, you provide a detailed description of what you need, preferred colors and any other pertinent info. These graphics will be yours and yours alone, and will not be placed on my site. A set would include, background, 6 buttons, bar, headers, banner, incorporate any of your own graphics photos, etc. On average a customized set sells for $50.00. link required, or $75.00 and you own it outright. This also includes the business license fee for unlimited use of my background set.

All purchased websets will include the HTML layout.

If you do not want to purchase a complete set the breakdown of costs; with link required would be:

  • Background-----------------------------------------------------------------------$10.00
  • Main Header with your Site Title or whatever text you wish.----------------------$10.00
  • Six link buttons----------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
  • Extra buttons-------------------------------------------------$2.00 each
  • Divider Bar---------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00
  • Misc. graphic bullet related to the set design----------------------------------- $2.00
  • Personalized non-animated banner, standard 468x60 pixel, with your required information------$10.00
All prices are in US funds. I will accept credit card transaction via my PayPal which can be accessed from here: If you would prefer to pay by check or money order. Please email me for the address on where to send it.