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The font used on the buttons is Aldine721BT, size 14, flood fill white, then I applied Blade pro preset goldambercrackle. BladePro is a plug-in for Paintshop Pro and other graphic programs. Visit Flamingpear Software to try their free demo software. .

Should you require any further buttons, please email me and I will be glad to add any text you need.

Copying Graphics
Mac - Click on the image or the selected background and hold your mouse button in until you get the pop-up menu and then select SAVE.

PC - Right click on the image or the selected background until you get a pop-up menu and then select SAVE IMAGE AS...
    Pay close attention to where the image is saved on your hard drive.

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 If you decide to use this set please read my Terms of use.

Background set designed by Dot Rheaume All rights reserved