Click on any of the thumbnail images, and that particular image temporarily becomes the background image for the page. Click anywhere else to restore the document to its original appearance.

Mac - Click on the image or the selected background and hold your mouse button in until you get the pop-up menu and then select SAVE.

PC - Right click on the image or the selected background until you get a pop-up menu and then select SAVE IMAGE AS...

Text Sample
Black Blue White Red Yellow Green

aquagreen (3.21 bytes) emeraldgreengrain(4.70 bytes) candygreen(2.51 bytes) aquapearl(6.20 bytes) greengrass(6.72 bytes) greenleaves(3.74 bytes)
huntergreen(6.39 bytes) mintgreen(3.46 bytes) greengranite(4.34 bytes) greenweb(2.23 bytes) light green tapestry(7.72 bytes) Christmas tree(4.11 bytes)
Christmas green(5.11 bytes) icemint (10.39 bytes) limegreen(1.63 bytes) emeraldembossed(3.82 bytes)

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